Terms and Conditions

  • The affiliation program is available for the Web Design service and also for the online promotion services (SEO, SMM);
  • The affiliate will receive 10% for each Web Design order he/she brought;
  • The affiliate will receive €35 EURO for each online promotion order (SEO, SMM) he/she brought;
  • Each affiliate will receive the commission only after the final payment is made;
  • If the client brought by the affiliate doesn’t accept the collaboration then the affiliate won’t receive any commission;
  • The client will have to mention the name of the affiliate before the signing of the contract and the payment;
  • After the final agreement is signed and the payment is made we won’t accept any other information as a reference;
  • After each payed contract the affiliate will receive the money in a bank account declared by him in the registration form;
  • We reserve the right to change or end the affiliation programme at any moment with no obligation of announcing the affiliates. All the references provided until that moment will he honored;
  •  The affiliate program will not change in any way the prices practiced by Ingenious Studio;


  • To be certain you won’t lose the affiliation commission you have to make sure that your name will be mentioned by the client before the signing of the contract and the final payment;
  • To avoid losing the commission because the client didn’t mention your name when signing the contract please send an email to with the data of the client just after having the discussion with him.
  • You can send an email to with the data of the client, this way we will be able to contact him;


To become our affiliate please complete the below registration form. You will receive a confirmation email in maximum 48 hours from receipt.