Online Promotion

Online Promotion

Online promotion term, also known as online marketing, refers to the marketing of products and services on the internet and it’s at present the most preferred promotion method used.

The popularity it has/enjoys at this moment makes this promotion method to be the one in which there are more investments than in any other media channel.

With a good online promotion strategy, a company can obtain results faster than using the traditional promotion methods.

Ingenious Studio is realizing online promotion campaigns taking into account the company’s target group, having until now very good results for its clients.

It’s important for a site to attract the necessary traffic, therefore the design and the texts must be realized   from the marketing perspective.

The interactive nature of the online marketing, due to the fact that it offers a straight answer it’s a unique quality in this domain.

It also has an unique advantage by the low costs of distributing the information globally.

A site created and developed by us is projected in such a way that the optimization will bring  a high ranking in the search engines and a high profitability of the investment.

To increase the visibility and the traffic on the site we follow the next steps:

  • Site analysis;
  • Keywords analysis;
  • Meta Tag, Title Tag and Alt Tag;
  • Content optimization;
  • Manual registration in searching engines and social networks;
  • Link building;

Our online promotion service benefits:

  • Improving competition;
  • A bigger client database and targeted group;
  • Increasing the possibility to be found in the searching engines results;
  • Taking advantage on competition;
  • Increasing the traffic on your site;
  • Being perceived as a leader in your domain;
  • More quality sales;
  • Increasing the incomes;
  • Increasing the profitability.

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