Web Design

Presentation site

To communicate with success is our wish and communication through internet can be simple, keeping up at the same time with new trends in the field.
A website can present in a simple and professional way the activity of the company, launching of new products or services, promotions or news. A website can draw attention by its modern design and an easy navigation (to use).
Each website will have a unique design, customized with its own pictures and presentations.

Presentation site with products catalogue

A website which can offer the possibility to view a catalogue with products organized on categories and if necessary, on subcategories with a presentation of each product and a photo gallery can be another proposed option. The administration interface will allow you to edit the information on the website, being able to create/edit/delete categories of products, to edit the photo gallery of each product, everything done in a very simple way.

Online shop

Compared to a website with products catalogue an online shop presents additional and pretty complex requirements. The products presented in a catalogue can be ordered, the user has an account with information about the delivery and billing, he/she can view the route of the order, has a history of the orders and uses a shopping cart which allows the user to modify the order details at any moment before completing the order. Optional a proforma can be generated for each order and an online payment system can be implemented (banking card, Paypal, SMS for small amounts of money). From the administration interface you will be able to monitorize the received orders, to answer clients questions and to modify the order status. In case you opt for additional modules you will benefit of a history of the proforms, monthly collections, weekly and other statistics or you can generate offers in pdf. formats with a professional aspect in a record time as easily as you would write an email.


If a blog represents you more than a site does, being open to a wider communication, we can realize a professional one for you. You can opt to install and configure a classical platform (WordPress, TextPattern, Flatpress etc.) or for our personalized solution developed to cover all your needs of expression without complicating things.

Other applications

If you don’t see yourself choosing any of the above projects don’t worry, we are specialized in developing personalized and innovative solutions for your issues regarding the online environment. We can also provide you with reliable web hosting. We like technological challenges and we can build web applications with a high complexity. If you wish to work with a communicative team and capable to offer optimal solutions in a short period of time don’t hesitate to contact us.